I’m inspired to create systems that foster vibrant, personal connection and interpersonal support, offering opportunities to achieve personal and collective greatness

- Kit Tennis, Ph.D

Christopher (Kit) Tennis, Ph.D

Kit Tennis, Ph.D., is expert in global multicultural diversity and inclusion, large systems change, organizational cultural renewal, team development, resiliency, neuroleadership, and emotional intelligence. Known for his lively, engaging style and his explicit trust in the innate genius of everyone he meets, Kit guides people in leveraging their inherent brilliance for personal and organizational success.

In addition to his 35 years of domestic and international consulting practice, Kit has administered governmental social service delivery systems, served as a municipal personnel director, managed academic service programs, and developed successful nonprofit human service organizations.

Kit’s doctorate in organization development is from the University of Colorado. With published research connecting organizational climate and workplace burnout in the U.S. and other cultures, his recent publications include “U.S. Experience in Managing Diversity: A Consulting View” in Diversity Management e Societa Multiculturale: Teorie e Prassi, “Discovering Your Positive Core: A Personal Guide”, and “The Strategic Matrix for Diversity Initiatives”.


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