Organizations we work with benefit from focused consulting engagements that tackle specific challenges they face and create plans to achieve success. We customize consulting assignments to meet specific needs and our consulting relationships often develop into long-term partnerships.

A few examples of the types of consulting we provide are:

  • Building a Culture of Equity and Inclusion
  • Thriving, People-Centric Organizations
  • Discovering and Tapping Your Organization’s Genius
  • Large-Scale Positive Change
  • High-Performing Team Development
  • Strategic Planning for Organizational Success
  • A rich array of training, learning, and development solutions

For more information about how we can help your organization with our consulting services, please contact us directly.

Case Study:
Sanchez Tennis & Associates co-designed and facilitated a global cultural change initiative for Hewlett-Packard’s largest business group, contributing to $4B in revenue growth during flat market conditions.

Read more here: Creating Change Ahead of the Curve: How AI Summits Transformed the Culture of Hewlett Packard’s Imaging and Printing Group