We partner with more than fifty seasoned consultants around the globe.

Here are some members of our extended team.

Claire L. Tse, MGA

Her work concentrates on linking the dynamics of diversity initiatives to business objectives, applying elements of communication, conflict resolution, group efficiencies and diversity dynamics. In addition to diversity, Claire collaborates with clients to discover leadership strategies using polarity management theories.


Nelson Parrish II

Nelson holds a Masters degree in Organizational Management from The University of Phoenix, a B.A. from Millersville University and numerous professional certifications. He serves on the boards of several Philadelphia non-profits.


Helen Turnbull

Dr. Helen Turnbull

Dr. Helen Turnbull has 30 years of experience assisting businesses in enhancing organizational capabilities.

Dr. Turnbull assists clients in developing a full range of organizational development consulting services including strategic planning; diversity and multicultural change management, training, leadership development; executive coaching; team building; performance management; communication systems; and merging of organizational cultures. She has an in-depth knowledge of working with women on gender oppression. Her dissertation research was focused on the internalized oppression of women across cultures.

In addition to her doctorate in Human and Organizational Systems, Helen has two Masters degrees; one in Industrial Psychology and Mental Health Counseling and a second in Human and Organizational Systems. She received her undergraduate degree in Sociology and Psychology. She is the author of Village of Illusions and The Illusion of Inclusion: Global Inclusion, Unconscious Bias, and the Bottom Line, released in 2016.