This introductory excerpt does a beautiful job of explaining the basic concept of Truly Human Leadership, the clearest example of “conscious organizational evolution” that I know of. Consider an old line manufacturing company in an industry where the jobs are disappearing overseas, the capital plant is deteriorating, the employees are miserably disillusioned. Then examine what happens when those same employees are given the opportunity to rewrite the story, redesign the processes, regain their self-respect and their optimism for the future. Transformation because the way the new company owner views success is through the way they touch the lives of people. People are not hot-swappable production units, they are the reason for having the company in the first place.

It’s real, it’s practical, and it’s wonderfully profitable. Consciously choosing to grow a company culture of appreciation, caring, and deep respect can turn around “lost cause” companies and re-energize communities. The Barry-Wehmiller Company is the proof of concept so many of us have been looking for. This book, from CEO Bob Chapman and Raj Sisodia will give you hope for the future of work. Period. I’m here to testify, along with thousands of B-W employees around the world, that you can do what B-W has done, and it can be the most fulfilling leadership role of your life.

For a taste of what is possible, see this excerpt: Everybody Matters