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a dream culture is calling to you.




The Achuar and Sapara peoples are inviting you to come to their home in the sacred headwaters of the Amazon, the heart and lungs of our earth, to learn how to be one with the world of the trees, the rivers, and the amazing animal life of our shared universe.

In a land closed to outsiders for four hundred years, these fierce yet gentle warriors are offering a small  number of people from the modern world a chance to experience their earth knowledge, their lives and their communities.  These, our brother and sister human beings, live not in the forest, but as an integral part of the rainforest.  They innately comprehend all that transpires in their natural world, and with that understanding comes an intuition, a connection to the spirit of nature that guides their every decision.

We stand in awe, when we begin to grasp the science of their wisdom and their desire to share it for the benefit of all.  And they do so with a grounded, loving commitment to each of us and the greater community of this magnificent earth.  Immersing ourselves in their world is a life-changing experience.

Will you consider joining us Anita and I this July, 2018 when we next visit the Amazon with the Pachamama Alliance?   amazonian-immersion-with-the-achuar-and-sapara